Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, that will help you

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How do i get a quote?

You can get a quote by requesting a quote via , phone, email or from our live chat. Most products have pricing already but should you need a formal quotation, kindly send us a message via the live chat or via email.

Based on a large variance of requirements from project to project, most quotations need to be prepared by a packaging estimator.

RFQs can be emailed directly to

You will typically receive your quotation within 1 business days for most requests. RFQs and complex projects may require more time.

Do you have volume/ quantity discounts?

High quantity orders generally net a lower cost-per-unit on all of our packaging orders. For greater savings for your project, you can consult one of our Account Managers for a custom pricing based on your business requirements and project goals.

What if my products are have quality issues? Can I get a refund?

Refunds are normally not permitted under normal circumstances with the exception that the product itself has defects or quality issues. For this, we advise that one signs off on the correct sample (digital or physical) before production commences. Refunds are therefore not provided on orders since custom packaging is tailor made to your products. In the event of defects or quality issues, we take full responsibility and proactively work with you to arrange a solution, which can result in replacement, or credit.

Kindly read our Refund policy.

Are there print quality differences between Kraft and White material options?

Yes and no. 🙂
The print quality (clarity or sharpness of the printed design) is the same on both material options. The difference you will notice is in the printed appearance of the colors within your design.

Kraft is a gorgeous choice when printing darker and bolder colors, but the finished box won’t necessarily have the same color intensity as the online proof. Additionally, the yellows and browns of the Kraft color will always show through a bit and influence the way the ink color appears.

In comparison, White corrugate produces a color appearance more similar to the way the colors appear on screen. If your design contains blues, yellows, pinks, or any pastel colors, we recommend building your design on our White material for the best screen-to-print output.

However, it’s important to keep in mind when printing on any material that we cannot guarantee a color-match between the color you see on screen and the final printed color appearance on your boxes. Colors displayed on screen utilize RGB color mode (Red, Green, Blue, + the light in your screen), while the physical act of printing utilizes CMYK color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). The fundamental difference between the two modes prevents us from being able to guarantee an exact color match with digital CMYK printing.

What shipping options do you offer?

We offer ground, air and shipments depending on the client chosen destination. With several shipping methods available shipping is generally not included in your quote unless specifically stated.

How will my orders ship?

Most of our boxes are shipped flat, requiring minor assembly upon arrival. Special structures, typically rigid box styles, may need to be shipped as they are. All of our products are carefully packaged with care to withstand the potentially harsh elements of travel. You can expect your packaging or boxes to arrive in the same condition they left our facilities.

Where are you located?

We are based in Midrand, albeit working virtually at the moment, and our manufacturing facilities are located in Jhb South.

What is the process of getting custom packaging made?

We make packaging easy for our all customers. While the steps can differ from project to project, our typical process consists of the following stages:

  1. Specification & Project Consultation
  2. Quotation
  3. Sampling and Prototyping
  4. Production
  5. Shipping and Fulfillment

For more information, please get in touch with our team via mail.

What packaging and styles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of packaging and box styles with a variety of different board combinations and fluting such as paperboard (folding carton), corrugated, rigid boxes and printed bags with fully customizable options. You are welcome to call or mail us with specific requests and our team will gladly assist.

How do i prepare files/ artwork for print?

There are many guidelines and recommendations to follow to ensure your packaging graphics are crisp, clean and aligned. Artwork has to be supplied as high res vector artwork. If its not available, in some instances we are able to redraw/ reproduce artworks billed separately.  Please read our artwork guides.

What is CMYK ?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta Yellow and Black and is a color model. These colors are used for generating print outputs.

Before boxes are sent for printing, it is important that the artwork (on illustrator) is converted from RGB color mode to CMYK.

Not converting the color mode will result in a greater color variance between what you see on your display compared to the final product.

Can i print on the inside and outside of packaging?

On boxes you sure can. We are able to print on the outside (1-side) and the inside of boxes (2-side). Additional fees apply for 2-side printing. On other materials, this might not be possible depending on the product and product shape.

What is the turnaround time for my packaging?

Production time can range from 5 to 25 business days depending on packaging type, requirements many other factors. Greater customization with more additional processes generally yields slightly longer production times. Custom finishes and custom shapes usually add to the production time. For your best estimate in timeline, consult with the team with your needs and we will advise accordingly.

Kindly communicate effectively and state how urgent an order is so we assist comprehensively. In some cases we are able to speed up production to meet your request.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

200 units is usually the minimum order quantity. This, recommended MOQs is in place (but will differ based on packaging type, printing, or processes) to prevent individual unit prices from becoming too costly to recommend. Check with the team to learn the specific MOQ of any of our products.

Can I get a sample before ordering and how much does it cost?

We supply options of either a digital mock-up, plain (un-printed) prototypes, digital-printed prototypes and production-grade prototypes. These will be billed for in most cases. Kindly request a sample directly with the team.

If you have further questions or at any point or can’t find the answer you were looking for, call or email us directly at For issues about your orders or about our refunds, please mail