Branding Techniques

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Brand experience: we all like to be pampered and surprised with a personalised detail. A promotional gift strengthens the emotional ties with the consumer.

100% customized items: in addition to printing your logo, we customize the design or even manufacture it on demand. Do you have an idea? We make it happen!

Greater engagement: if you sell something today, you will have a customer today; but if you help someone by providing something useful and valuable, you will have a client for life.

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Why Choose Our Branding?

We offer a choice of 18 branding techniques. We can also combine multiple methods and locations on the same item. Our teams are all in-house thereby ensuring a world-class experience when it comes to projecting the right image for your brand.

We pride ourselves with industry-leading turnaround times and high quality. We have vast internal in-house capacity from design to branding. Our teams have an in-depth understanding of branding complexities. This enables us to give you great quality, convenience and cost saving when purchasing and branding products. 

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Branding techniques available - BrandliftSA

Our Branding Techniques Explained

Below, we briefly outline what each of our branding techniques entails.

screen printing

Screen Printing

The design is transferred to a mesh, which is attached to a frame to keep it tight. The ink is passed through the mesh onto the item to be printed.



Sublimation is a technique that allows a design or photograph to be transferred onto rigid objects or polyester fabric.

laser engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a printing system in which a computer-controlled laser marks metal, wood, or glass objects.



In this method, the image is printed on the article with the help of a printing plate. This technique is used most often for leather objects. It is not possible to use it, however, for all types of leather.



Embroidery is a technique by which a logo or design is sewn onto fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn to replicate the design in question.

digital printing

Digital Printing

In this method, the image is printed on material by a laser printer. It is later cut according to the client’s preferences. Digital printing is done in a high-resolution polychrome.

direct to fabric

Direct To Fabric/Garment

The image is digitally printed by a plotter onto an adhesive sheet and is digitally cut at the same time. After the desired shape has been obtained, the image is applied to the object by an iron which uses both heat and pressure.